10 names for baby boys and girls that mean lucky

It can’t hurt to bring some luck with your name choice

Lucky baby name ideas

Bring your baby a bit of luck with a name meaning lucky


We all want our children to have a bit of good fortune in their lives. Some names are considered more lucky than others. Clearly you can just go for Lucky, which can be used for a boy or a girl, but if you want something a little less obvious, how about Shreya (Indian for fortunate), Fayola (African origin, also meaning luck), Kiaria (Japanese) or Zada (Arabic)?

You could opt for Seven, considered a lucky number since the beginning of time. The Beckhams opted to use this as a middle name for their only daughter Harper (well, it was lucky after three boys!). Amber, Clover and Sapphire are all considered good luck charms in many cultures and they also make lovely baby names.

For boys, Felix, Madoc (from which the popular Maddox is derived) and Asher are all considered lucky names. Parvais is Persian for luck, while Sa’id is a popular Arabic translation.

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1. Amber

2. Lucky

3. Shreya

4. Fayola

5. Felicity

6. Kiaria 

7. Seven

8. Serendipity

9. Zada 

10. Sapphire


1. Asher 

2. Edmund

3. Felix

4. Madoc 

5. Lucky

6. Quin 

7. Chance

8. Fortune

9. Parvais

10. Said

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10 names for baby boys and girls that mean lucky