Fitting names for redheads

If you’re sure you’re expecting a red haired baby, why not pick a name that celebrates their beautiful hair colour

Top pick of baby names for boys and girls with red hair

Expecting a redheaded baby? Here’s some great names to consider.

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If red hair is a common trait in your family, chances are you will have a red head too, but many red-haired babies may not have red-haired parents, so get inspiration for names that are just suited to a beautiful red haired baby.

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Best names for red-haired boys

Clancy: Is of Irish origin and means ‘red-haired warrior.’

Corcoran: Of Irish origin meaning ‘ruddy-faced.’

Flynn: Of Irish origin meaning ‘son of the red-haired one.’

Rowan: Of Gaelic origin meaning ‘little red one.’ Also a girl’s name.

Jasper: Of English origin meaning ‘gemstone.’

Phoenix: Of Greek origin meaning ‘a gold and scarlet bird’ or ‘reborn from the ashes.’

Rory: In Irish Gaelic means ‘red king.’

Radley: Of English origin meaning ‘from the red meadow.’

Redford: Of Scottish origin and ideal for red heads.

Rohit: Various origins meaning ‘colour red.’

Garfield: The name inspired by the cartoon ginger cat, Garfield.

Keegan: Of Irish origin meaning ‘fiery.’

Rooney: In Gaelic the name means ‘red haired.’

Rudyard (Rudy): Of old English origin meaning ‘red yard.’

Rusty: From the English word, rusty is seen as a shade of red.

Gilroy: In Gaelic the name means ‘serves the red-haired one.’

Harkin: Of Gaelic origin meaning ‘red.’

Rohan: Various origins meaning ‘red-haired’ in Gaelic.

Alroy: In Gaelic it means ‘red haired.’

Adam: Derived from Hebrew meaning ‘to be red.’

Best names for ginger girls

Crimson: English name for a strong red colour.

Rosie: Association with red roses.

Scarlett: Inspired by the colour scarlett red.

Poppy: Association with the flowers.

Rowan: A Gaelic boy’s name meaning ‘little red one.’

Ruby: A ruby gemstone is red.

Roisin: Of Irish origin meaning ‘little rose.’

Rufina: Of Latin and Greek origin meaning ‘red-haired.’

Alani: From Hawaiian origin meaning ‘orange tree.’

Annie: Inspired by the infamous little red-headed orphan Annie.

Coral: From the English word for the pink semi-precious sea growth.

Cherry: Based on the red fruit.

Autumn: The season of autumn is filled with red/brown colours.

Amber: Association based on the colour.

Corsen: Of Welsh origin meaning ‘reed.’

Hazel: English name and refers to the hazel tree. 

Maple: Of Middle English origin and means ‘someone who lived by the maple tree.’

Sienna: Of Italian origin and means ‘reddish orange-brown.’

Sorrell: Is of Germanic origin and means ‘brown, chestnut.’

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Fitting names for redheads