Patriotic inspired baby names for boys and girls

Get patriotic with these British inspired baby names

Patriotic inspired baby names for girls and boys

If you want to keep things British, take a look at our patriotic inspired baby names


Sometimes there’s a lot to be said for keeping things traditional and in recent years many strong, staunch British names have made a comeback.

There’s been a revived interest in the royals since the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge started a family. George and Charlotte were popular choices last year, as were other ‘royalist’ examples like William (Germanic origin but patriotic because of Shakespeare and the Prince) Henry (mighty), Harry, Edward (guardian/protector), and Charles (Charlie). George, derived from Greece, was taken by five British kings so has become quintessentially patriotic

Patriotic names don’t mean they have to be dull - how about Hamilton - which means ‘proud estate’ in the English tradition or Graham, which means ‘grand home’. Alfie (from Alfred, meaning ‘wise counsellor) and Tristan - a Welsh name once a little boarding school-esque- also have a nice patriotic ring.

Victoria, Elizabeth and Charlotte - and all the variations of them - remain popular and there’s various forms of the word Britain from which you can derive a patriotic name - Brittany, Britannia, Britney or Brittnee to name a few.

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Here’s our top 10 patriotic names for boys and girls.


1. George

2. Edward

3. Hamilton 

4. Graham 

5. Alfie

6. Tristan

7. Henry

8. Edwin

9. William

10. Jack 


1. Elizabeth

2. Liberty

3. Abigail

4. Britannia

5. Catherine (Kate, Cathy, Kathryn, Katherine, Katie)

6. Daisy

7. Lilly

8. Alexandra

9. Victoria

10. Charlotte

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Patriotic inspired baby names for boys and girls