Baby Names Inspired By Eastenders

To celebrate the soap's 30th anniversary

OMG! Who stayed up past their bedtime last night to find out who killed Lucy Beale in Eastenders?

We did. We’re on the coffee this morning!


After-all 10 is far too late for a weekday now we have a little one.

We were shocked at the outcome, but we won’t spoil it for those who haven’t yet found out/been hiding under a rock.

Instead, we’ll celebrate the soap’s 30th anniversary Bounty style giving you a roundup of some of our fave Eastenders inspired baby names.

Lucy – Well we couldn’t miss this one out considering recent events!

Bianca – Because no-one can forget this feisty character

Peggy – Yes it’s a bit old fashioned, but we love this traditional name

Cindy – Eastenders seems to love this name, casting two characters with this moniker

Lola – We may not like the character but we think this name is gorgeous!

Frank – Change this traditional name into something current with ‘Frankie’

Ian – Because he’s been in the soap longer than we’ve had hot dinners

Archie – Ok, so he was a mean, mean man. But we have to admit we do like this name

Max – It’s a cool and very current boys name too

Phil – We couldn’t have a round-up without this one

Which one is your fave?

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Baby Names Inspired By Eastenders