Call the Midwife inspired baby names

To celebrate International Day of the Midwife

Midwives go above and beyond when it comes to helping us have our babies so it’s only right that there’s a day to celebrate them.

And May 5th is the day!

Call the midwife

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Known as International Day of the Midwife, the event campaigns for more recognition of the profession. And the 2022 theme is “100 years of progress.”

We thought we’d support this special day in one of the ways we love and that’s Call the Midwife inspired baby names for your little boy or girl.

This popular TV series – based in the 50s – has given a new lease of life to classic baby names with Cynthia, Jenny, Trixie and Camilla all getting a little revival off the back of the show.

Want something a little bit more old fashioned? Try Peggy, Dolly, Flora and Betty!

For the boys it’s Jack, Charlie, Jacob and Thomas, while Sid, Eddy and Lenny are also some Call the Midwife old fashioned names.

Here’s our top ten boys’ and girls’ names inspired by Call the Midwife. 


  1. Alan
  2. Bill
  3. Douglas
  4. Benny
  5. Frank
  6. Jack
  7. Fred
  8. Mitchell
  9. Patrick
  10. Len


  1. Barbara
  2. Angela
  3. Camilla
  4. Dorothy
  5. Jenny
  6. Meg
  7. Pearl
  8. Joan
  9. Ruby
  10. Valerie

Call the Midwife inspired baby names