Modern hero baby name ideas

Why not consider a baby name based on a modern hero of yours? Here are some ideas to get you started

Modern hero inspired baby names

Fancy a name for your baby inspired by a modern hero? Try these…


There are many different types of hero especially in today’s celebrity culture. Names can be inspired by stars of screen, sport, music or literature or by those who have been simply made an impact. The surnames of iconic figures -  including Monroe, Bardot, Edison, Beckett, Hemmingway, Hendrix, Dylan - have been chosen for first names in recent years, a trend which is continuing now to reflect modern day heroes. 

The monikers Jolie and Aniston, after female ambassadors and actresses Angelina and Jennifer, are proving to be popular. Malala (Yousafzai) is not only an inspirational young children’s rights activist, she also has a pretty cool first name which is garnering affection. 

Once quaint names like Harry came back in vogue thanks to the influence of a multi-million wizardry franchise, boy band, and of course the prince himself. Pippa has also made a comeback, not hindered by its links to the Duchess of Cambridge’s very glam sister.

Sporting heroes are also having an influence, for example Beckham (David) and Jessica (athlete Ennis-Hill) as are musicians (Adele) and actors (Orlando).

Bowie was a popular boy’s first name even before the Let’s Dance singer’s death and as we have lost so many national treasures this year we may see Alan (Rickman), Terry (Wogan), and even Prince make their way back to the fore.

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1. Jolie

2. Anniston

3. Winslet

4. Malala

5. Pippa

6. Adele

7. Serena

8. Sienna

9. Scarlett

10. Keira


1. Bowie

2. Beckham

3. Lennox

4. Morrissey

5. Murray

6. King

7. Harry

8. Orlando

9. Dylan

10. Logan

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Modern hero baby name ideas