Unusual baby names inspired by Netflix favourites

Baby boy and girl names inspired by popular Netflix classics, including Breaking Bad, Narcos, Stranger Things and more

Netflix inspired baby names

Why not take a little 'namespiration' from your Netflix favourites?

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Baby names can be inspired from just about anything and anyone, and what better way to pay tribute to your favourite Netflix show or character than by taking a little ‘namespiration’. 

Whether drip feeding an episode every couple of weeks or all-out binging over a weekend; regularly hearing a name or two that tickles your fancy can really solidify it as a favourite in your mind. Check out our list below, containing a few household classics as well as a couple of less popular characters with equally great names. 

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• Walter - The main character from AMC’s smash series; Breaking Bad, Mr. White is a science teacher turned practical chemist. Albuquerque native, Walter rewrites his own laws on a pursuit of personal justice! The name Walter has German origins, meaning ‘ruler of the army’. 

• Jesse - One of Walter’s past students, Jesse Owen pairs up with Mr. White becoming literal partners in crime. The name originates from Hebrew, meaning gift. 

• Skyler - The wife of Walter, and the mother of their child Walter Jr. Skyler is an intense character who is put through her paces on an emotional rollercoaster of her own. Skyler or Skylar is an Anglicized spelling of the surname and given name Schuyler. Schuyler was introduced into America as a surname by 17th century Dutch settlers arriving in New York.

• Hank - Henry R. "Hank" Schrader is Skyler’s brother-in-law, who works as a senior officer in the DEA. The name originates from Germany, meaning Home or House Ruler.

• Saul - Originally featuring in Breaking Bad, Saul Goodman is a crooked lawyer who dances on the line of justice during his time representing some questionable characters. AMC also created his very own spin-off series ‘Better Call Saul’, whereby we learn that deep down he has a heart of gold. The name Saul originates from the Hebrew name Shaul, meaning ‘asked for’ or ‘prayed for’. 

• Eleven - One of the lead characters from Stranger Things, Eleven is a young girl gifted with superhuman powers in the form of telepathy. Although the fictional character was given her name to indicate her status as subject number 11, the meaning of the name Eleven is origin or popularity. 

• Dustin - A member of the same crew as Eleven, he is a brave young boy with a desire for adventure. The name Dustin originates from an English surname, which is derived from Old Norse, meaning Thor and stone.

• Nancy - Another character from Stranger Things, Nancy Wheeler is a high school sweetheart figure also on the quest to find their missing friend. The name Nancy was originally a diminutive form of Anne or Ann. It began to be used as a proper name from the 18th century onwards.

• Frank/Francis - Francis J. "Frank" Underwood is the main character of House of Cards. Ruthlessly climbing his way up through White House politics. The name Francis originates from Latin, meaning ‘Frenchman’.

• Zoe - Ms. Barnes is a young and ambitious political reporter in the nation's capital who finds herself writing many stories on Frank. Zoe means ‘life’ in Greek, and was adopted by Hellenized Jews as a translation of EVE. 

• Doug - Doug Stamper is Frank’s loyal chief of staff, a role where no mission is too unreasonable. Doug (short for Douglas) originates from Scotland, meaning dark water. 

• Remy - The former Chief of Staff for Frank Underwood Remy Danton is a key behind the scenes character of House of Cards. Rémy is a French masculine name developed from an obscure Latin personal name (Remigius) meaning ‘oarsman’.

• Pablo - As in Escobar, is the main character in Narcos and the ‘Mr Big’ Colombian drug lord and terrorist. Ironically the name Pablo actually means ‘small’ in Spanish, a common name for newborn babies.

• Javier - Best described as Pablo’s counterpart, Javier Peña is a DEA agent based in Columbia tasked with taking down the kingpin. The name Javier also has Latin roots, being the Spanish spelling of the masculine name Xavier. 

• Tata - One of the more unusual names on the list, Tata is Pablo’s wife and mother of his children. The name has Latin roots, and translates as ‘born near (or on) Christmas’. 

• Piper - Piper Elizabeth Chapman is the main character in Orange is the New Black, a driven and charismatic college grad who finds herself behind bars. The name Piper is thought to have originated as an adapted Middle English surname, meaning someone who played the pipes. 

• Alexandra (Alex for short) - A fellow inmate of Piper’s at Litchfield Penitentiary. It is safe to say the pair share an eventful past. Alexandra is a Greek name adapted from Alexander, meaning defender of men.

Unusual baby names inspired by Netflix favourites