Popstar baby names inspired by Brits 2015 winners

And others...

The 2015 BRITs, eh.

Who would have thought there could be so much drama in one night?

Brits 2015 winners

Firstly ITV was forced into audio silence to stop our ears from being subjected to Kanye West’s rude lyrics and then Madonna was accidentally pulled off the stage by a dancer after she failed to get her cape off in time.

We definitely think it was worth staying up for!

And with it fresh in our minds it only seems fitting that we add some pop into our lives this morning with some of our fave popstar baby names inspired by the BRITs, including the winners!

In true music style we’ll be going from the ‘normal’ to the more quirky. Who’s brave enough to give their little one a name from the latter?

  1. Sam (Smith)
  2. Ed (Sheeran)
  3. Ellie (Goulding)
  4. Taylor (Swift)
  5. Paloma (Faith) We think both work well as first names! 
  6. Madonna – Need we say more? 
  7. Lionel (Richie)
  8. Lily (Allen)
  9. Lana (Del Rey)
  10. Mark (Ronson) 
  11. Bruno (Mars)
  12. Duke (Dumont)

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Popstar baby names inspired by Brits 2015 winners