Budget maternity fashion

How to dress your bump on a budget

Keeping the cost down

Dressing your bump doesn't have to be expensive, all you need is a little bit of know how.

At a glance

  • Shop smart for your maternity clothes and you can save for when your little one arrives
  • Belly bands are great to add to your usual jeans to give them that extra stretch
  • Think ahead by shopping around and checking out the sale rails

Shop smart for your maternity clothes without dipping into the baby budget. And if you do it means you can build up a maternity wardrobe while keeping lots of money back for your new arrival.

Here’s how to dress your bump on a budget.

Love your layers

For many of us, there have been times when we've bought those baggy jumpers and boyfriend cardigans – usually when fashion has dictated we do so.

They may now be sitting in the back of your wardrobe but it’s the perfect time to dig them out and make them a key part of your maternity must-haves.

Oversize cardigans will look great layered over cheap maternity tees, while the baggy jumper will be enough to keep you and your bump warm throughout the winter months and cool summer nights.

Belly bands

You've probably spent years building up a denim wardrobe to die for, but as your bump begins to grow you may start feeling they are a little bit too snug around the middle.

Although there are a range of maternity jeans on offer you don’t have to bin your beloved bootcuts. Instead, stay on the bargain train and invest in a belly belt. These are pieces of elastic that fit onto the button of your favourite pair of jeans or skirt, giving that much needed stretch as your bump grows.

Alternatively, stick to a trick tried and tested by mums and loop a hairband over your jeans button and through the hook. Team up with a long top and no-one will know you’re not wearing a pair of maternity jeans.

Buy non-maternity

Maternity clothes are beautiful. Fact.

However, in some cases they can be expensive. Build up your maternity wardrobe by avoiding the ‘M’ brands when you can and opting for highstreet styles that will flatter your bump.

Some great styles that work perfectly here are maxi dresses –hit the sale rails and look out for this style a size up.

Want to channel a Royal style? Then a normal wrap dress, which can be loosened as your bump grows, is a perfect option and if it’s good enough for Kate Middleton...

And the one-size up rule can also apply to regular tees and tops made with stretchy fabrics like Lycra. Buy them long and there will be more than enough space to flatter and cover your bump as you grow. You can also slip a little vest top under these once baby is born for a perfect budget breastfeeding top option.

But I want maternity!

So you have your heart set on maternity but the bank manager isn't playing ball? Don’t panic, there are ways to stock up your wardrobe without blowing the budget.

Copy the likes of Sienna Miller and Kate Moss and hit the charity shops. Dig enough and you’ll find some maternity marvels. As these items aren't worn for more than a year, they’ll probably be in great condition too! If you’re more a virtual shopper then head over to eBay or try out Maternity Exchange – a site set for buying and selling second hand maternity clothes.

Another way to bag a bargain is to think ahead. Hit the highstreet or jump online during the sales and buy maternity clothing at reduced items. It may be heading into spring, but you’ll thank your lucky stars that you've got your bargain maternity coat when the days start to become colder.


If you have friends who have little ones, chances are they may have a few maternity items lurking around. And they probably won’t mind letting you borrow them –in return for a babysitting session or a piece of cake.

Going to a special event? Then think about hiring an outfit. Look for websites that rent out maternity wear for special occasions (there’s quite a few).  You’ll find you can wear designer without the price tag.

And from chic to casual. You don’t need to splash out on maternity nightwear, or trackies if you’re planning to chill out at home. Just nick your other half’s wardrobe! Shirts and jumpers are great for a casual night in, while the elasticated waist on men's boxer shorts and pyjama bottoms are perfect PJ alternatives.

At a glance

  • Shop smart for your maternity clothes and you can save for when your little one arrives
  • Belly bands are great to add to your usual jeans to give them that extra stretch
  • Think ahead by shopping around and checking out the sale rails
A wrap dress is perfect for a growing bump and great for breastfeeding too once little one arrives

Budget maternity fashion

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