Capsule maternity wardrobe

Key maternity pieces to mix and match

Look good and stay comfortable throughout your pregnancy

The day has come when your growing bump starts to make your fave jeans feel a little bit snug.

At a glance

  • Invest in key maternity pieces that you can use throughout your pregnancy
  • Leggings and long blouses will keep you comfortable as your bump grows
  • Add accessories to a plain outfit to create a new look

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While you may lament the loss of those lovely skinnies, remember they’ll be back soon –think of it as giving them a little holiday – and embrace the fact that it’s time to invest in some key maternity clothes.

Those in the fashion know have raved about creating a capsule wardrobe (Gok fans will know exactly what we mean) for years. Put it simply this means investing in a few key pieces, which can be mixed and matched and work well together for different occasions.

This concept works perfectly when building a maternity wardrobe, keeping you stylish while ensuring you don’t eat into the baby budget.

Here’s what you need to build the perfect maternity capsule wardrobe.

The key thing to remember is that you won’t be wearing these items for long so if you can, try to avoid spending too much on the basics. That said, if you find a pair of maternity jeans that fit and they are a little bit on the pricey side, we say snap them up – most will have enough give to last you throughout pregnancy, making them well worth the money.

If you wear jeans on a regular basis and the thought of spending a small fortune is sending your credit card into meltdown pick up an everyday maternity budget pair, or two, from one of the range of highstreet stores offering these.

A cardigan
Cardigans are great for adding a ‘new look’ to an outfit. Additional layers work amazingly well during pregnancy, so including this item in your maternity capsule wardrobe is a must-have. Wear them with jeans and over a tee (we’ll come onto this one later) for a casual look, or over a maxi dress for a smart evening event. If you’re watching the pennies then opting for a cardi in a neutral colour such as beige or black will solve the need for having to stock up.

Office offerings
Once your bump decides to make itself known in the workplace you’ll want to dress it up and show it off as much as possible. There are some gorgeous office maternity clothes available online, but if you’re on a budget then you may not want to spend those pennies. To build this fashion fancy into your maternity capsule wardrobe go for a simple pair of black maternity trousers (look out for these in supermarkets that stock clothing) and a smart maternity skirt. You may also want to invest in a pair of maternity leggings, which look great worn under long blouses – buy at least one of these for your new wardrobe.

Dress to impress
Frocks may have not been your friend before you became pregnant, but when your bump begins to sprout you may find they take on a BFF status. Channel Kate Middleton’s maternity style and invest in a wrap dress, which can be loosened as your bump grows. These dresses are also great for after the birth when you’re breastfeeding or slowly getting back to your pregnancy size.

Team up with flats for a daytime look or with heels for an elegant evening appearance.

You can never have enough tops, but if you’re on a budget then around four will last you for the duration of your pregnancy. The best styles to opt for are long sleeved tees or, if pregnancy hormones make you warmer than usual, vest tops, which can be layered under cardis or jackets. Choose from maternity ranges or buy stretchy numbers for a better budget option.

Colours count
The key thing about a capsule maternity wardrobe is that whatever you buy can be paired with something else. Therefore it’s key to get the colours just right. If you’re a pastel kind of girl then opt for hues that complement each other, or go for something a little bit simpler with neutrals such as black, grey and navy. Add bursts of colour with a red or blue top, or recycle your normal denim jacket. It’ll look great unbuttoned over a dress.

If you feel too plain then you can always accessorise with lots of bright budget jewellery.

At a glance

  • Invest in key maternity pieces that you can use throughout your pregnancy
  • Leggings and long blouses will keep you comfortable as your bump grows
  • Add accessories to a plain outfit to create a new look
Invest in some key materntity pieces to mix and match throughout your pregnancy

Capsule maternity wardrobe