Pregnancy exercise and support clothes

Maternity exercise clothes to support your bump

We all know how important exercise is during pregnancy, and the right gear will help you feel comfortable, stay cool and look good too!

Here’s a quick guide to the gear you need and where to buy it. Enjoy!


Sports bras

Protecting that delicate breast tissue is crucial, so investing in a good sports bra is an absolute must. 

Look for wide, elastic straps and sides, an under-bust band and a deep centre at the front.


Great options these days include stretchy leggings, yoga trousers and supportive shorts, with bands that roll under or over your bump. As your bump grows, look for styles that support your bump, and let you move freely too.


Don’t just throw on your partner’s old t-shirts - bigger tops will just trap air, making you sweat more. So it’s the perfect excuse to go shopping for fitted, stretchy tops made from light weight cotton or moisture-wicking materials. 

Tops with extra length and stretch will look great and support your bump while you exercise. And you can also get tops with an inbuilt bra to protect the boobs.

Top tip!

Go for lightweight layers so it's easy to whip clothes off when you start to feel hot.


You may find your shoe size has got bigger and as your bump grows, your centre of gravity will probably change, so it’s best to get fitted for a pair of supportive shoes.

Pregnancy exercise and support clothes