Get the best support with the right maternity bra

Whether you love your bigger boobs or struggling with the strain on your back, get the right support

How to choose the perfect maternity bra

One thing’s guaranteed, in pregnancy your boobs will get bigger, here’s some tips for getting the right support

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One thing that’s pretty much guaranteed in pregnancy is bigger boobs. And whether you’re loving the hot new cleavage, or worried about the strain on your back, it’s important to maximise support from the off!

Supporting your breast tissue will minimise sagging and stretchmarks, so you need a bra that fits well and can stretch with your growing cleavage.

Here’s some top tips for giving those boobs all the support they need:

  • Get measured – many high street stores offer a free bra-measuring service and a range of fashionable maternity bras too.
  • Au revior underwire - not only can underwired bras get uncomfortable during pregnancy, but they can also restrict the growth of the breast tissue making these a big no, no
  • Love those wide straps - bras with wide straps offer great support for big boobs and ensure your shoulders don’t take the extra strain.
  • Let those bosoms breathe - pick a maternity bra with a breathable and stretchy fabric, and enjoy feeling nice and dry under there!
  • Hot mama - maternity underwear has finally moved on from granny to glam, so you can be sensible and look sexy too.
  • Gym bunnies - if you’re still working out, a sports bra is a must-have, offering both support and comfort while you’re on the move
  • Get ready for nursing bras - if you’re going to breastfeed, it’ll soon be time to think about nursing bras. Made from lovely soft fabrics and designed with detachable straps with easy openings, these are great for when you need to feed your little one easily and discreetly. It’s best to get measured about two weeks before your due date when your boobs are getting bigger and ready for breastfeeding

Get the best support with the right maternity bra