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Double-barrelled girls names

Double-barelled girls names in 2015

Struggling to choose between two names for your baby? Why not have both?

Double-barrelled names have seen a recent growth in popularity in the UK as parents get more creative with the challenge of naming their little one.

The biggest increase has been amongst girls names, with the latest Bounty baby name data showing floral name ‘Rose’ to be the most popular choice in 2015. Parents are pairing the name with other trending girl names such as ‘Amelia’  ‘Esme’ and ‘Isla’.

‘Mae’ and alternative spelling ‘May’ is the second most popular paired with alternative spellings of the name ‘Lilly’.

The trend to add a hyphen has perhaps been influenced by celebrities such as Johnny Depp who chose the name Lily-Rose for his daughter in 1999.

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We’ve chosen a few of our favourites from 2015 so far:











See a trend forming? The additional name after the hyphen is often one syllable long, with Louise being an exception. Why not have a play and mix and match these popular extensions with some of your favourite girls names:


May /Mae

Jane / Jayne

Lee/ Leigh


Ann / Anne


Ray/ Rae

Have any other suggestions? Chat to other mums in our Bounty community about your double-barrelled name.

Double-barrelled girls names