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Top 100 girls’ names 2015

What names have made it to the top of the list this year? Find out here

Top 100 girls’ names 2015 revealed

What names are most popular for girls in 2015 and which have fallen from favour? Find out here

Top 100 girls’ names for 2015

  • The top 100 girls’ names for 2015 revealed here

100 top girls names

The task of picking the right name for your new arrival can be a tough one and whether you want to go traditional or try something a little different, the top 100 names for 2015 is a good place to start the elimination process.

This year’s girls’ top 10 list features many names on last year’s top 10 including Amelia, Olivia and Emily. The highest climbing girls names this year include Florence (moved up from 39 to 28), Harper, influenced obviously still from our nation’s obsession with the Beckhams, even four years on (has risen from 75 last year to 50 this year).

Girls names falling out of favour this year include Holly that is down 66 places, Lexi is down 39 places and Leah is down 34 places on last year.

See what difference a year has made and compare these names to 2014’s 100 girls names.

And if you really are not inspired by anything in the list, take a look at our baby names search

Below are the top 100 girls’ names for 2015

2015 Girls' names

1. Amelia

2. Olivia

3. Emily

4. Isla

5. Ava

6. Ella

7. Jessica

8. Mia

9. Sophia

10. Poppy

11. Sophie

12. Grace

13. Lily

14. Isabella

15. Evie

16. Ruby

17. Freya

18. Daisy

19. Chloe

20. Scarlett

21. Isabelle

22. Sienna

23. Eva

24. Lucy

25. Millie

26. Alice

27. Phoebe

28. Charlotte

29. Florence

30. Elsie

31. Rosie

32. Ellie

33. Layla

34. Esme

35. Evelyn

36. Lola

37. Matilda

38. Lilly

39. Erin

40. Imogen

41. Molly

42. Willow

43. Sofia

44. Holly

45. Ivy

46. Hannah

47. Maisie

48. Emma

49. Amber

50. Bella

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Top 100 girls’ names for 2015

  • The top 100 girls’ names for 2015 revealed here

Top 100 girls’ names 2015