How to deal with the 8-10 month sleep regression

It may be a common phase, but that doesn’t make the 8-10 month sleep regression stage any easier to deal with, but these tips may help you through

Surviving the 8-10 month sleep regression

A parents’ guide to getting through the common 8-10 month sleep regression phase

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You may get to 8 months and have not long been recovering from the 4 month sleep regression or the latest bout of teething that has affected your baby’s sleep, so the last thing you need is another bout of sleep regression. We’d so love to tell you it’s all over, but the reality is, it is common for babies to go through this again around 8-10 months old.

Why is my baby going through sleep regression at 8-10 months?

Babies’ development around 8 months is a big part of why their sleep can be affected at this time. They are crawling and starting to lift themselves up and this becomes all very easy in a cot so they may well see it as a great opportunity to practice rather than sleep!

They are also learning to understand objects that are there and then gone (think peek-a-boo), so often a bout of separation anxiety develops around this time as they feel upset when you leave the room which is why they can start to cry rather than settle themselves to sleep when left in the cot.

What can help my baby (and me) through this stage?

Keep things as normal as you can, bath time, bedtime story but just be prepared that things may not go the way they have been for a while and go with the flow when necessary.

Work with your baby’s new found skills and play together during the day - as much as you can so come bedtime they are ready for a night’s sleep.

Whether it’s nap time or bedtime, ensure there isn’t too much that will stimulate your baby in their room as distractions will stop them trying to sleep even if they are exhausted and can cause them to get overtired.

The important thing to remember as always is that it won’t last forever and if you get stressed too, the less your baby will  be to settle - it will pass and you will start getting your sleep again too!

How to deal with the 8-10 month sleep regression