Ingredients for a better sleep - for all of you

Sleep and babies do not always mix but there are steps to take to help our little ones sleep better

Better sleep for babies and toddlers

Parents’ guide to better sleep for their little ones

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Having a newborn can be overwhelming for a new parent - especially when it comes to sleep. Even though they sleep a lot during those early months, babies will wake every one to three hours for a feed - and they aren't aware whether it’s night or day. So during those early days, all you can do is try to rest when the baby rests.

By the time your baby is three months old, they tend to sleep for 14-16 hours out of every 24 so hopefully a good proportion of that will be at night. Regular daytime naps will also be important as the last thing you want at night is an overtired child.

Consistency helps, babies can learn about winding down as night approaches. A warm bath with a favourite rubber duckie, a cuddle with dad after work, a feed, a lullaby and then bed. Turn off lights and TVs - getting rid of noise and distractions will help the baby to learn that it’s time to call it a day.
Your baby will start to recognise the wind down signs, which is vital when they transition into toddlerhood. 

Toddlers can be tricky customers - they learn how to say ‘no’ and like to test boundaries so having a consistent, calm and settled approach to the end of day is important. The last thing you want is a tantrum at bedtime.

The wind down for a toddler isn’t that different than for a young baby. Still cut out noise/TV/other distractions, followed by a bath, story and a cuddle. And everyone - toddler included - will feel the benefit in the morning.

Ingredients for a better sleep - for all of you