Why new parents should take turns to sleep in on weekends

Why it’s helpful to take turns for a lie-in at weekends

Lie-ins are important for new parents

Here’s why new parents should take it in turns to have a lie-in at weekends

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Many new parents can empathise with the fact that it doesn’t matter what time baby goes to bed, they are often wide awake and ready to start the day by 6am – or even earlier for some! 

As much as the early morning calls from your little one is likely to disturb both partner’s sleep, it’s a good idea to pre plan who is going to get up on the weekends with the baby so that the other can stay in bed, alternating it every weekend or on different weekend mornings. Even if you can’t get back to sleep, just staying in bed reading, watching TV or just laying there will help you stay relaxed and rested.

One night on and one night off at the weekends means that you both know you’re going to get at least one lay in. It can really help with catching up on the sleep you miss and help you both feel more relaxed and get on better.

It can also help your ability to relax with each other knowing you’re both doing your bit for getting up for the baby. It avoids one feeling as if it’s always them getting up while the other sleeps and reduces feelings of resentment to the other partner.
Research also suggests that you can catch up on missed sleep on the weekends so wo worth negotiating so you can each compensate for those missed hours.
Here’s what some Bounty parents have told us about how they work out who gets up for the baby:

"My wife and I took turns getting up with our son every other night like clockwork for the first nine months. It wasn’t pleasant, but was a decent survival tactic." – Steve

"With our first daughter, my husband and I rotated nights. For instance, he had Monday night and I had Tuesday night, and so on. It worked out great! When I knew it was his night, I would help out more with getting everything ready for the night and he would do the same for me. We plan on doing the same for our next child."– Keysha

“My other half thinks we should share weekend lie ins and whilst I see the logic, it’s not always practical. I resent waiting for him to get up so we can get on with our day. So instead we agree to one weekend a month when we each get to lie in on both a Saturday and Sunday.” - Lisa

Why new parents should take turns to sleep in on weekends