Can baby massage help my baby sleep?

Baby massage is calming for your baby so find out why it can also help your baby sleep better

Baby massage: How it can help your baby sleep

Baby massage is popular for many reasons, but here we look at why it may help your baby sleep better

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Any natural calming ways that can help your baby sleep better at night have got to be worth a go. Baby massage is a popular technique for babies there are ways it can help your baby sleep too.

The benefits are not only good for your baby, but good for you too!

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Relieve tension

If your baby can be tense or appear fretful at times, using baby massage can help ease their mood, which in turn can help them relax enough to fall more gently to sleep.

Help natural digestion

If you have a baby that has suffered with colic or reflux, their digestion can be an issue which can irritate and cause tension for them when trying to sleep. Baby massage can aid baby digestion therefore easing them to sleep.

Improve bonding between you and baby 

The simple act of giving your baby a massage can add to the bonding you have with your baby which helps reassure your little one you are always close - and can ease the stress of separation anxiety which can be another contributing factor to baby sleep problems.

Help development and growth

Studies have suggested that babies who receive regular baby massage show signs of healthy weight gain and improved immune function meaning, all contributing to a healthy, happier baby.

Sounder sleep

Babies who have regular baby massage sessions are said to fall asleep more easily and stay asleep for longer which may mean more sleep for you!

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Can baby massage help my baby sleep?