The lowdown on how to prepare babies for when clocks go forward

When the clocks ‘spring forward’ into spring, and you have a baby, here’s how to deal with the lack of sleep

Simple ways to cope with clocks ‘springing forward’ and baby sleep

When the clocks go forward we learn to accept losing an hour sleep but it can be a big thing for babies!

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As spring approaches you may be dreading your baby waking early but these tips can help you find your way through.

1. Do nothing

Seriously, if your baby or toddler is already waking early, it may be best to do nothing. As if they tend to wake at 5am, when the clocks change they will wake more like 6am which is a little more palatable.

2. Carry on as normal

Whatever usually works for your baby, carry on as normal. When your baby is ready for lunch and dinner, give it to them, when they are ready for a nap, let them. You will probably find after a few days your baby or toddler will simply adjust on their own to the time change. 

3. Adjust regular activity times

If you feel your little one is likely to be very affected by the loss of an hour, you may find you can move meal times a little later and naps and bedtime a little later gradually throughout the week and this can help them adjust to the new times. Intervals of 15 minute time changes are said to work well.

4. Adjust regular activity times

Plan a bust day involving fresh air and physical activity. But make sure you stick to usual nap and meal times and your usual calm wind down time at bed.
It’s worth remembering that some babies’ and toddlers’ internal clocks will be so strong, they’ll resist any changes you try. If this is the case, be led by your baby and ensure they sleep and eat when they need to, rather than try and force a change.

The lowdown on how to prepare babies for when clocks go forward