How can I stop co-sleeping?

There are ways to help you and your baby move on from co-sleeping, take a look at our tips to help transition

How to move on from co-sleeping for you and your baby

Co-sleeping is regarded as a safer sleep risk factor, but some families find it works, but when it’s time to move on, how best can you do it?

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If you are a family that has found co-sleeping has worked for you, you may now be heading to the point when you soon want your baby to sleep in their own bed. But when your little one is used to sleeping with you, how do you transition them to their own bed?

There are some gentle ways you can help encourage your little one to start sleeping in their own cot. 

1. Prepare in advance

This first tip is aimed at older babies as you can talk to them about changes that are going to happen. You can help get them excited about this new phase talking about their brand new bed and perhaps help them pick out their new bed clothes and accessories. If you are looking to move a baby into their own room or bed, make sure the room is familiar to them before you try it, so have quiet playtime or stories in there or get changed in their room after the bath so it doesn’t feel like a completely new place when you first put them to bed in there.

2. Move in together initially

To help smooth the transition for your little one, you could try sleeping in the room with them for the first night or two as this will help them feel it is normal and OK.

3. Stay around until they fall asleep

While your little one is adjusting, it may help to just stay in the room as they settle to sleep, that familiarity of you being there will help the adjustment to the new room.

4. Sneak out before they are asleep

As they adjust to the new room, and they are settling well, it will soon be time to get your timing right and to start leaving the room as soon as you notice them getting sleepy and before they fall asleep to help them get used to the fact that they can fall asleep without you there.

How can I stop co-sleeping?