Why doesn’t my baby want to nap and what can I do?

Your baby may be shattered but just won’t nap, here’s some reasons why this might be

Baby tired but won’t nap what can I do?

Reasons your baby may be resisting their regular nap time

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Babies need a lot of sleep; we know this, so why is it that sometimes babies simply won’t take a nap even when they’re clearly showing signs of being shattered?

Here are some reasons worth considering:

Has your baby got overtired?

Babies can get overtired really quickly and this can stop them being able to fall asleep easily. You may have heard the term, ‘sleep window’ which is when they are sleepy enough to drop off naturally but not too tired they start to cry. If you miss this ‘window’, it can be really hard, sometimes impossible; to get them to fall asleep and a ride in the car or a walk in their buggy may be your best bet. 

Is your baby just not tired enough?

If your baby or toddler is really fighting going to sleep, stop for a second to think about how long they slept the previous night, how many naps they’ve had that day and for how long, and also think about how active they have been so far that day, it may simply be they are just not tired enough to show signs of needing sleep at the moment, so do something else calmly and quietly with your baby.

Is your baby being overstimulated in the room?

However tired your baby is, if there are lots of stimulating toys around, noise or too much light, these may be contributing factors to why your baby simply can’t sleep.

Does your baby still need this particular nap?

Fighting sleep at nap time can also be your baby or toddler’s way of telling you they simply don’t need to nap anymore. They’re able to cope with the day without needing to stop for a nap.

Try and work out which of the above might be the reason for them fighting nap time. If it is they don’t need a nap anymore, let your baby stay awake, but get to bed a little earlier, and see if this helps them sleep more soundly at night.

Why doesn’t my baby want to nap and what can I do?