What signs tell me my baby’s ready to sleep in a cot?

We look at the signs you can look out for that show your baby is ready to sleep in a cot

Is my baby ready to sleep in a cot?

What to look out for that your little one is ready for a cot

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Will I know when baby’s ready to sleep in a cot?

Answers to the below questions can help you work out if your baby’s ready to go in a cot.

What’s baby’s weight?
Most cribs and Moses’ baskets have weight limits. Some are as low as 10 pounds (which might only get you through the first month) though most can accommodate a 20-pound baby. Be sure to check your own model.
Is baby cramped?
If your baby looks just a little to snug in the crib, it may be time to think about moving into a cot. If their head or feet seem to be forever bumping into the sides or they suddenly wake up more often (or very suddenly), it might be a sign they need more space to sleep.
Have they rolled over or sat up?
Once your little one has rolled over or sat up, a newborn bed just isn’t as safe for them as it once was. Now they can pull themselves up or roll, there is the danger they can roll out of the bed. A cot with its adjustable mattress heights and strong sides is much safer for a baby who can sit and roll. Bassinets/cribs and Moses’ baskets tend to be shallower than cots, which means that a baby who can roll over or sit up might be able to flip herself out of bed. And some infant sleepers (such as those made from wicker) have pieces that can break off and become a choking hazard once your baby is old enough to grab things and put them in their mouth.

Remember. Just because your baby reaches six months you don’t have to move them to their cot right away. If everyone is sleeping well there really is no rush. If you have space you might just want to move their cot into your room to start with but if you’re already cramped in your bedroom and your baby isn’t yet falling asleep for longer stretches at night a move might be just the ticket for all of you.

What signs tell me my baby’s ready to sleep in a cot?