Your baby monitor checklist

Checkout what features baby monitors can offer to give you that all important peace of mind

Things to consider when buying a baby monitor

With so many features available, be sure you choose a baby monitor that is right for you

Baby monitor checklist

Being able to relax while your baby sleeps isn’t always easy, but investing in the right monitor can help ease your mind that you can hear, and in some cases see your baby clearly and will be alerted should there be a reason for concern.

Today’s monitors offer a whole host of features to give parents that all important peace of mind. So what are the key features to look out for?

  1. Movement Sensor Pad
    A sensor pad is designed to be placed under baby’s mattress where it monitors subtle movements while baby sleeps and only alerts you if your baby stops moving for 20 seconds. We like the Angelcare AC517 which features a wireless Movement Sensor Pad which collects and stores data on the parent unit. Parents can now not only monitor movement, but also review data reports covering the last two months – enabling them to adjust conditions in the nursery for improving baby’s sleep.

  2. Video camera
    Many of today’s monitors come with a video screen so you can see your baby at all times. This is a great feature to have in your monitor, and when choosing one do check for a good screen size such as 9cm (3.5”) so you can have a good clear view of your baby.

  3. Temperature indicator
    This feature is designed to tell you the real-time temperature of your baby’s room and alerts if the room is too hot or too cold. This is particularly useful if you are worried about your baby overheating and you can adjust conditions in the nursery to improve baby’s sleep.

  4. Infrared night vision
    To ensure you have a clear view of your baby during the night.

  5. Low power and/or out-of-range warning
    It’s possible to buy monitors with indicators to let you know whether the monitors are within a suitable distance of each other so the reception can be picked up clearly and to alert you when battery life is running low.

  6. A night-light on the baby unit
    Night-lights will provide a comforting glow to your baby’s bedroom.

  7. Secure digital transmission
    With homes increasingly becoming a hive of digital activity, this is important to help limit interference your monitor picks up, and improve reception.

  8. Talk-back option
    A handy feature some monitors have that lets you talk to your baby by speaking into the parent unit. This is particularly useful when helping to soothe your baby without the disturbance of physically entering your baby’s room.

  9. Mains or battery option available
    Allowing you the choice of whether to plug the monitor into the mains or use the battery, which is handy if you are away from home.

Your baby monitor checklist