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Unique & unusual baby names inspired by TV show characters & actors

TV inspired baby names

The surge in new popular TV shows has also lead to an increase of baby names inspired by on-screen characters. We’ve taken a look through the last few years of TV to find unique and unusual baby names you might want to consider for your little one.

Although originally a book, the Game of Thrones TV show has inspired naming choices for both boys and girls in the last few years. For boys, there’s Theon, Bran, Tyrion and even Sandor. For girls, Arya is the leading choice along with Sansa and Khaleesi.

Mad Men has led to a series of unique and also more traditional names coming back including Lane, Ken, Ted and Donald (Don) for the boys, whilst Betty and Peggy are relatively unusual girl’s names in the present day that have made a come back.

If the above has inspired you to pick a TV themed name, check out our top 10 below and find the perfect name for your little one:

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Top 10 unique & unusual baby names inspired by TV:


1. Ted 
2. Bran
3. Don
4. Brodey
5. Rick
6. Sheldon
7. Axel
8. Caleb
9. Cyrus
10. Saul


1. Arya
2. Betty
3. Khaleesi
4. Daisy
5. Cora
6. Maggie
7. Piper
8. Izzie
9. Laurel
10. Peggy

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Unique and unusual baby names to inspire you