Some of the best pregnancy Googles

The things some mums ask Google about their pregnancy will have you in stitches!

Funny Googles mums ask

Bounty mums share some of their funniest pregnancy Googles

The funniest pregnancy Googles

  • From our Bounty mums

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Googling just about everything is second nature these days and when you’re pregnant it’s even more tempting to Google symptoms, what will my baby look like, when will my baby arrive and so much more. 

Some mums-to-be can Google the funniest things, so we asked our Bounty mums to share their funniest Googles and we have put together our favourite top 10…take a look.

1. How normal is craving mince pies during pregnancy?

2. Is it normal for nipple piercings to itch during pregnancy?

3. Is it OK to eat cremated black pudding in pregnancy?

4. How do I reduce elephant swollen feet?

5. Is it safe to sniff boot polish during pregnancy?

6. Why does my baby like Justin Bieber?

7. Where's the nearest McDonalds open 24/7?

8. Can you translate my maternity notes jargon into English?

9. Can the baby feel anything during sex when you’re pregnant?

10. Can you change your unborn baby’s taste in music?

The funniest pregnancy Googles

  • From our Bounty mums

Some of the best pregnancy Googles