Common pregnancy fears and how to deal with them

Don’t let fears take over your pregnancy, these tips may help you get it in perspective

How to cope with pregnancy fears

It’s natural to worry about things related to your pregnancy, but here’s some common fears and how to deal with them


Being pregnant brings with it a whole set of emotions, and fear is just one of them. Suddenly we are in the driving seat and it’s a massive responsibility, but you can’t let your fears take over.

Never forget what a special time pregnancy is and what an amazing thing your body is doing. It’s natural to worry but there are some elements of a pregnancy over which we have no control.

So here we take a look at some of the common pregnancy fears and how to try and deal with them.

1. Something going wrong

Worrying about having a miscarriage or an abnormal scan are totally understandable but try not to get overwhelmed. Talk to your doctor or midwife if you have any underlying concerns about the baby’s health - or your own.

2. Laying on tummy and hurting/squashing the baby

Really don’t panic. Your baby is well protected and rolling over in your sleep will not cause any harm. Plus once you grow bigger it will be practically impossible to stay on your tummy for very long!

3. Eating something you shouldn’t

A healthy diet is recommended in pregnancy and certain foods should be approached with caution or avoided (raw egg, unpasteurised cheese) but don’t go overboard. Make sure food is cooked through and properly heated up and if in doubt, leave it out.

4. Water breaking in public

Some women have a little gush or dribble, others make an unholy mess. If this happens in public, there’s precious little that can be done about it and definitely don’t worry about what others think, you’re about to have your baby, that’s all that matters.

5. Premature labour or being induced

Some little people are very keen to make an appearance, while others need a little coaxing to come out. Either way, we have to put our trust in our midwives and medical staff. They have done this plenty of times before and are well trained to look after you and your precious baby.

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Common pregnancy fears and how to deal with them