Sore boobs in pregnancy

Why your breasts may be painful during pregnancy

Sore boobs in pregnancy are very common.

Sore boobs in pregnancy 474

In fact, these can often signal the first signs of pregnancy even before you do a pregnancy test with tingling, super sensitive nipples and tenderness all beginning when you’re around three or four weeks pregnant.

However, you’ll probably find that your sore boobs continue throughout your pregnancy and after you have your little one too – although the sensitivity usually calms down a little bit after the first trimester.

But what causes sore boobs in pregnancy?

Get ready for the science bit…

When you’re pregnant your hormones surge to help support your growing baby. You’ll produce more oestrogen and progesterone – much like in the run up to your period.

However, it’s not just those hormones that play a part in sore boobs during pregnancy with your breasts.

There’s a lot going on there. Firstly the fat layer in our breasts begins to thicken and your milk glands will begin to get bigger. Your blood flow to your boobs will also multiply and with this may also come some tingling.

Noticing that your boobs feel fuller and you’re getting a bigger cleavage? Your breasts are getting ready for breastfeeding your baby.

In fact the increase in breast size during pregnancy means you may find you go up a good few bra cups!

Other changes to your boobs during pregnancy

Nipples. As well as tingling, you may also find that your nipples develop a mind of their own and begin to protrude. However, it may be a case of look but don’t touch for your other half as these can be quite painful!

Your areolas. You may notice that these have become darker, possibly spotted, and just plain bigger. Seeing little goose bumps? These are sweat glands that have begun to supply lubrication to the area.

Your veins. Noticing dark blue veins just below the skin's surface? These are what will be carrying nutrients and fluids from you to your baby!

How can I stop my boobs from being so sore?

The best way to beat boob soreness during pregnancy is with a supportive maternity bra.

Avoid underwires which can be uncomfy and restrict the growth of breast tissue

Pick wide straps and avoid wearing them too tight

Pick a maternity bra with a breathable and stretchy fabric, which will ensure you stay dry under there too. It's common to require several visits for bra fittings during pregnancy due to ongoing breast changes.

You can read more about buying a maternity bra with our hints and tips.

Sore boobs in pregnancy