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Pregnancy is supposed to be a time of joy but it’s easy to get bogged down in worrying. Your body is changing, your hormones are all over the place and you are suddenly in sole charge of a very precious cargo. 

It’s normal to fret but keep it in perspective. There are things you can manage - like eating well, getting enough sleep and maintaining a gentle exercise regime - but remember, you can’t control everything.

Here are some common worries pregnant women have, and how to keep them in perspective.

1. Not bonding with baby
Not everyone falls instantly in love with their little one. Sometimes it can take time, particularly if it was a traumatic delivery. Baby blues and feeling overwhelmed are normal postnatal reactions but if these feelings persist, make sure you talk to your partner and seek help from your doctor or midwife.

2. Birth plan not working out
You want a natural delivery, with whale music and no epidural - but you’re worrying about the pain. Until the time comes, you have no idea how the birthing experience will pan out or how much pain your body can endure. So by all means make a birthing plan - but accept it may need to be adapted.

3. Will my body ever return to normal?
 It’s not just the tummy that grows. Many mums acquire larger breasts, bum, face and even ‘cankles’. If you are used to being a svelte size 10, the weight gain can be hard to handle. Sometimes it’s a case of nine months on, nine months off - so don’t rush it.

4. Will my partner still find me desirable?
Having a baby changes us physically and emotionally and worries that our other half will no longer find us attractive are normal. Take it slowly and talk about any fears either of you have. Your sex life may take on a new dimension but having a baby doesn’t have to spell the end of it.

5. Do we have enough money?
Unless you’re very lucky - or rich - money worries can be a real sticking point. One of you will probably need to stop working for a while and the bills still need to be paid. But remember a fully decked nursery or an expensive buggy are not necessities and you’ll probably receive plenty of gifts. Very small babies actually need very little other than milk, nappies and cuddles.

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We’ve got your pregnancy worries covered