The emotional ups and downs of pregnancy

The extreme emotions of pregnancy can have you in a spin, but there are things that can help…

Your guide to emotions in pregnancy

Bursting with excitement one minute, sobbing at an advert the next? Sound familiar - Don’t worry, there are things that can help

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Pregnancy is a crazy time for many mums-to-be. You’re bursting with excitement one minute, and sobbing about a charity advert the next. And it’s no wonder. With your pregnancy hormones raging, energy levels bobbing up and down and a baby on the way, life suddenly feels really quite different. 

But don’t worry – there’s plenty you can do to help.

Don’t worry, be happy 

The smallest things can trigger a fresh wave of concern - waiting for the results of tests or scans, wondering why you haven’t felt the baby move or fretting about the odd-tasting food you just ate. It’s enough to drive you mad! But just remember, the vast majority of pregnancies result in a healthy, happy baby. 

Speak to people

If the worry doesn’t go away, speak to your midwife or GP about it. Chances are your fears can be quickly erased with a bit of expert advice.  

Take a break

Boosting your energy levels can really lift your mood, so when you start flagging, have a rest and grab a yummy, healthy snack

Rocky relationship?

You may find pregnancy puts pressure on your relationship with your partner, and talking about your hopes and fears will really help. If things start spiralling, organisations like Relate can help you get things back on track.


If you’re worried about your finances or housing, have a chat with your Citizens Advice Bureau or Jobcentre Plus to check you are receiving the correct benefits and help.

When to seek help

If you are feeling persistently down during your pregnancy, it’s paramount you talk to your midwife or GP. You can keep an eye on your moods with our symptom tracker tool. If you are suffering from prenatal depression, medication or counselling can make all the difference.

The emotional ups and downs of pregnancy