If you hear this pregnancy advice…ignore it!

Some of the worst parenting advice you’ll hear

The worst pregnancy advice you will hear

Pregnancy advice to avoid if you hear it


People mean well but sometimes you get advice that just isn’t helpful. Or there is just TMI. Every pregnancy and birth is different - just because your friend Peggy had a 96-hour labour does not mean that you will! Take a lot of it with a smile and a pinch of salt.

So what is the worst advice?

1. Your partner will never want sex again after he sees you give birth:

Everyone is different and some women prefer their partner not to witness the actual delivery - others want them to be part of a truly unique experience. Either is fine, just as long as you’re on the same page. How soon you have sex after childbirth varies with every couple, for some it’s weeks, for others it’s months, but as long as you are open with each other it will happen!

2. Eat for two and worry about losing weight after the birth: 

You only actually need about 300 extra daily calories while pregnant, which certainly doesn’t mean eating for two. Baby weight is hard enough for lose - don’t make it harder on yourself. Have a treat by all means but in moderation,

3. Caffeine is as bad as alcohol during pregnancy: 

No, a daily fix of coffee is okay - but if you were having four or five cups then you will need to cut back. There is no comparison between caffeine and alcohol.

4. Don’t exercise, it’s dangerous for the baby: Not the case. Exercise is actually good for mum and baby - as long as you listen to your body.

5. The odd cigarette won’t hurt

If someone gives you this advice, ignore it. The best thing to can do for yourself and your baby is to quit for good and there are aids to help you.

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If you hear this pregnancy advice…ignore it!