5 ways your body gets better after birth

Your body is often better after you have a baby

Why your body is often better after you have a baby

Body beautiful: Why should your body not be better after you’ve had a baby?

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So life with little ones you’ve given birth and so much has changed. Your body is different (and yes maybe there are stretch marks and extra weight) but it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. 

Rather than focusing on the physical impacts of pregnancy and childbirth (and, yes, naturally there can be many), celebrate and think about how your body (and mind) have actually improved since you’ve become a mum. Here are ways that your body is actually better post childbirth, some of which may surprise you.

1. Good habits
Look at it this way. You’ve had extra reason to be committed to being healthy for nine long months, focused on eating healthy for the bump and forsaken the wine, late nights and excessive caffeine. As a new mum, it’s unlikely you’ll be rekindling your social life any time soon so there’s no reason why you can’t maintain that healthy glow. With a healthy lifestyle comes better skin, hair, teeth and, in time, body shape. So be proud of your lifestyle changes.

2. Breast is best 
As well as burning extra calories, breastfeeding releases the hormone oxytocin, which also helps your uterus return to its pre-pregnancy size is important in the bonding process and your overall wellbeing. It may also lower your risk of breast and ovarian cancer and reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Generally, breast size increases during pregnancy and sometimes this bodes well for smaller chested women as bigger boobs can often be a permanent feature!

3. Less pain
Yes, periods do return after a lovely nine month break but the good news is that for many women, is that the cramps tend to be less intense post childbirth. 

4. Hot body
Some new mums who were previously cold creatures find that their body temperature has risen since they gave birth. One study found that ‘hot flushes’ peaked at 30 weeks pregnant and week 2 after giving birth.

5. Better outlook
Ok so it’s more of a mental benefit than a physical one but childbirth changes people and it’s usually for the better. New mums have a whole different focus and rarely is a job, home, holiday or anything else as important as before. The emotional high that comes with parenting can have physical benefits too as this new focus can help new mums get through the tough days.

5 ways your body gets better after birth