Tips for a good night’s sleep all mums need

Getting a good night’s sleep is not always that easy when you have little ones so here are some handy hacks to help you

Mums: How to get a good night’s sleep

Being tired is a given but getting quality sleep at night isn’t always that simple. Here are our helpful tips to ensure you get the best sleep you can

mums good night sleep

With so much focus on getting little ones to sleep, it’s no wonder your own sleep needs is put on the back burner these days. It is important however to ensure you get the most restful sleep you can.

We’ve put together some handy little cheats to help you get a good night’s sleep.

1. Only drink caffeine early in the day
Try to fight the urge to drink caffeine throughout the day. If you can avoid caffeine after lunchtime, it will make a real difference to your sleep that night. If you are missing your cuppa later, try a decaffeinated cup, you’ll get used to it and not be able to taste in the difference in no time.

2. Routine is key
Easier said than done we know. But chances are you’ll be settling into a routine with your little one now so work round their natural pattern to create a little routine for yourself. Where you can stick to a similar time to go to bed allowing your body to learn when to be relaxed and tired. Ideally if you can give yourself a 7-9 hour stretch asleep you should have the energy you need for the day.

3. Limit screen time
The light from your screen whether a phone, iPad or TV can affect your ability to get to sleep and the quality of your sleep and therefore prevent you from falling asleep. This is because the artificial light confuses your body’s natural biological ‘body clock’ so your best to avoid bright screens for at least an hour before bed. So try and find a relaxing activity to spend those minutes before bed that doesn’t involve a screen.

4. Herbal help
There are a variety of herbal aids to help you sleep from lavender that comes in various forms to herbal teabags and even some liquid herbal sleep remedies you can pick up. Taking these before you go to bed can help you body relax ready for sleep. Sleep mist pillow sprays can also relax you before you drift off.

5. Try breathing techniques
There’s a popular breathing technique that is said to help encourage sleep as it helps to relax your body’s nervous system to allow you to drift off to sleep, this method can also be used to help calm you if you feel stressed or anxious.

Name: 4-7-8 breathing technique
How to do it: Inhale through your nose for four seconds, hold the breath for seven seconds and then exhale through the mouth slowly for 8 seconds.

Tips for a good night’s sleep all mums need