Benefits of online Yoga for new mums

The benefits of Yoga to a new mum, what you need to know

New mums: Why you need Yoga

Yoga is a great choice for new mums, and here’s why

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You may think that if you want to do Yoga you have to find and commit to a class to attend and understandably you may feel time doesn’t allow right now. Well actually, online Yoga is up and coming so you can get going in a Yoga class without leaving your house at a time that suits you.

Here are the ‘yays’ of online Yoga that everyone raves about:

1. You’re not confined to the same time every week

The great thing about following an online Yoga class is that you’re not committed to getting a babysitter for your baby and attend a class at the same time every week. You can do it whenever it suits you so when baby is having a daytime nap is probably ideal, but likewise yoga is enjoyable and relaxing before bed.

2. Wear what you like

Because you’re in the comfort of your own home, you can wear exactly what you like without worrying what you look like so do it in your comfy PJs if you like.

3. Relax into Yoga Nidra

Even if you feel too exhausted to do a Yoga session you can try Yoga Nidra which is basically a calm sleep state where you lie down and listen to a teacher guide you through a meditation that helps you to clear your mind, become aware of your breath and find inspiration, focus or reduce stress. Lots of people who practice it say they can find peace in a short period of time. 

4. Great for your mental health

Doing an online Yoga session regularly will dispel those daily stresses and strains and do wonders for your mental health. 

5. Don’t have to leave the house

Apart from the bonus of not needing to leave the baby with someone while you go to a class, you have the added benefit of not having to leave the house to do it, you won’t need to pack the changing bag, drive anywhere or even get dressed if you don’t want to. You could even do it after being up for a night feed. 

Benefits of online Yoga for new mums