Home workout accessory ideas

Top home workout accessories to help you get back in shape in the comfort of your own home

Exercise aids for home workouts

We pick our favourite home workout aids to get you going on your workout plan

If you’re looking to get into a workout regime at home there are some accessories that could really help especially if you combine them with online video workouts that show you how to get the most out of the equipment. Here’s our pick of the top workout aids for home workouts.

yoga mat

1. Yoga mat
It’s handy to have a Yoga mat for any floor work you want to do, trying to do sit ups on a hard floor could have you giving up in no time. Again, there’s no need to spend much, they can be picked up for as little as £5.

resistance bands

2. Resistance bands
A great investment if you’re keen to work on your arms or legs, they are even good getting to work on those tummy muscles. Fairly cheap to pick up and nice and neat to store away.

skipping rope

3. Skipping rope
Skipping is a great form of cardiac exercise and a skipping rope can be picked up for a few pounds. You may want to consider the Tanita Calorie Jump from Amazon (£10.49) as it counts the number of skips you do and will let you know how many calories you’ve burned.

mini trampoline

4. Mini trampoline
To really get that heart rate going a mini trampoline will do just that. If you’re pelvic floor can take it, you pick one up for as little as £19.99 from Argos and getting a few minutes bounce a day will see that weight shifting in no time.


5. Fitbit
A Fitbit is a great investment when you want to get fit as it will show you the number of steps you’ve walked and encourage you to go that extra mile. It will also tell you the number of calories you’ve burned and your heart rate. They all vary in what else they do and the price can vary too from anything from £16.99 to over £200. But a basic model will do the job.

Hula hoop

6. Weighted hula hoop
Work your waist with a waited hula hoop workout. It’ll improve your posture, tone your muscles and boost your circulation.

pilates ball

7. Pilates ball
These soft balls are around 7” in diameter and ideal for improving your pelvic floor strength and core muscle tone.

Home workout accessory ideas