How to overcome new mum overload

New mum overload: How to overcome it

New mum overload? You’re not alone but there is ways to cope

Overwhelmed with being a new mum? Steps to cope with the overload

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Life is hectic as a new mum. Our mothers may tell us they had it harder and we have every gadget at our disposal to help us, but juggling all our responsibilities can be overwhelming, particularly when you are sleep deprived.

New mum overload is a reality for many women. Even with a supportive partner, it can all seem ‘too much’ at times.

The demands of a newborn are high, and there is a lot of pressure to do everything ‘right’. As well as all the everyday tasks, we are often inundated with advice from everyone and quite a lot of can sometimes feel unhelpful and unrealistic.

Well, stop. Take a breath. It is totally normal to feel overwhelmed but there are steps you can take to help you cope. 

  1. Take care of yourself: If you are stressed and unhappy, then your baby will soon pick up on it. The happier you are, the more content your little one will be as a result. Take care of your physical and mental wellbeing - eat regular and healthy, nutritious meals, try to get as much sleep (even if it means going to bed at the same time as the children) and get as much fresh air and light exercise as is feasible.
  2. Stop trying to be perfect: Nobody is, so stop worrying about perfection. Life will be more chaotic with a newborn and it’s OK not to mop the floor every day.
  3. Be organised: While chaos is inevitable, you can help lower your stress levels by being organised. For example, Batch cook and freeze dinners, shop online, and prioritise tasks.
  4. Accept help and learn to say no: If a partner, relation or good friend offers to help ease the overload, say yes, yes, yes. On the other hand, don’t be afraid to say no if someone asks a favour of you and you can’t oblige. Don’t take on too much.
  5. Make a list: Some jobs have to be done and often putting them off can put you in even more of a tizz. Set a time limit - say 10 minutes for cleaning the bathroom - and stick to it. 
  6. Delegate: Don’t try to ‘do it all’. Sometimes we are the ones who put ourselves under pressure because we refuse to let anyone else help. Whether it’s a chore, buying a birthday present or a kid’s swim lesson, ask a partner, friend or family member to help.

How to overcome new mum overload