Handy find time for fitness tips you need

Here are some easy fitness tips to help new mums on their way to getting fit

New mums: Fitness tips you need

These fitness tips will help new mums find time to fit in fitness bug

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It’s next to impossible to make fitness a priority when you’re flat out being a new mum. But there are some handy tips we can offer you to get you going.

1. Be realistic with your goals

Don’t over aim when you start out. After all, you’re a mum now your time and priorities are all different so it’s unrealistic to achieve what you did before you had a baby. Start slow, set realistic targets to give you a boost when you reach them, you can always up them once you’re really going. Meanwhile, 15 minutes 3 times a week is a great start.

2. Be smart with snacks

It really is as simple as if you don’t have unhealthy snacks in the house, you can’t eat them! Fill the fridge with healthy snacks so there’s always something you can have, but none that are calorie heavy.

3. Make use of nap time

As you begin to get more settled at home your little one may be used to a decent nap in the day and rather than using the time to catch up on stuff that needs to be done, use it for YOU time. Make nap time your workout time and try out a 7 minute app workout. Try out a few different exercise apps to see what’s best for you and your workout needs.

4. Find a plan that works for you

It’s so easy now to find a workout routine that works for you. 

5. Don’t pressure yourself

You can build up your activity levels slowly and remember that any activity that makes you feel warm and a bit out of breath will be good for you. That means brisk walking, going up and down stairs and quickening the pace and energy you put into doing the housework can all help.

Handy find time for fitness tips you need