How to get ‘me time’ with a baby in tow

Sound impossible? ‘Me time’ is possible and here’s how…

‘Me time’: How to get yours

Everyone needs ‘me time’, we show you how to get yours even as a busy mum

How to gt me time 474

Me time may feel impossible now you’re a mum, but there are some little things you can do that can give you those precious moments to be just be you for a few minutes each day.

Here are our quick tips to getting some me time

1. Get dressed alone

Particularly as a new mum, you may take your baby everywhere you go into every room you are in, but it’s not necessary. It’s perfectly OK to put your baby safely in their cot or a bouncer chair, or anywhere they are safe while you take a few minutes to get yourself ready. Getting dressed and doing your make up without your little one absorbing you can be a good way of just getting a few minutes of me time.

2. Daily treat for you both
Everyday set aside a few minutes for you and your baby to treat yourselves. Set up a special activity for your little one whether it’s setting them up safely in their play pen with their favourite toys or even that old classic a saucepan and wooden spoon to experiment with noise. Whatever it is once they’re safely set up and only need your supervision you can sit and do something for yourself. Could just be filing your nails, doing a face pack reading a magazine for a few minutes, picking out a special recipe for the weekend, or just feet up on the sofa catch up on an episode of your favourite TV programme.

3. Encourage reading from a young age
Of course your baby is unable to read anything so young, but enjoying books can start young. You reading to your baby is great for bonding, but there’s no reason your baby can be sat safely for a few minutes of the day with some age appropriate books to flip through and enjoy. This will give you a few minutes to perhaps catch up on a book you’re reading or a magazine, whatever you fancy.

4. Have a relaxing bath
Sound ridiculous? Well it needn’t be. After your baby has been fed, burped and changed so is happy and content, pop them in their bouncer chair in the bathroom with you and run yourself a hot bubble bath. Your baby will be relaxed as they are with you and can relax as you can see they're fine.

How to get ‘me time’ with a baby in tow