Exercises you can do with your baby at home

Easy ways to exercise with your baby

Exercises you can do with your baby

Our guide to exercise moves you can do with your baby

Easy exercises to do with your baby 474
The reality is getting back into exercise once your little one has arrived is no easy task. Sometimes it’s hard enough to find time to sleep let alone exercise.

But there are some really quick and easy exercises you can do while looking after your baby, yes really! First things first, set the mood with music to workout to so you both associate it with getting fit. You’re aiming for 10-20 of each exercise which you can repeat 2-3 times. 

The aeroplane 
This is great move to tone your stomach and your little one will have great fun watching you do this. Simply lie down on your front while your baby is in a safe spot nearby and simultaneously lift your legs and hold your arms out to the side. Hold this position for 10 seconds a time and repeat 10 times. 

This is great for those abs, just lie on your back with your little one next to you, with your arms at your sides with one around your baby you then extend your legs up but keep your feet together. Slowly draw each letter of the alphabet with your toes, this is great to do with your baby as you can repeat each letter of the alphabet to your baby. See if you can get through to X Y and Z! 

Reverse baby curl 
Lie on your back, lifting your legs to your chest and hold your baby on your shins and gently lift your hips up off the floor, bringing your head and shoulders up at the same time. Lower your hips and repeat. Great for your abs and having fun with your baby at the same time.

And lunge
Lunges really work your lower body and you can do these while your little one is in the highchair or pushchair (with the brakes on) stand about three feet away from them. With your hands on your waist and slowly step forward on your right leg towards your baby and return to standing. Repeat this for 12 steps on each leg.

Baby squats
Hold your baby under their armpits facing you and bend your knees to 90 degrees. Then as you stand back, lift your baby as high as you can with straight arms.

Kiss ups
Cute push ups over your baby allow you to lower yourself over baby into a push up to kiss your baby’s face. Widen your arms to work your chest and do push ups on your knees rather than your toes to start with.

Standing twists

Hold your baby facing outwards close to your body and twist left to right as far as you can. Breathing out as you push around to the side and in as you come back to the middle.

Baby sit ups
Lie down with baby sat at your lower abs and come to a sit up position - rounding your spine throughout – breathing out on the ‘up’ move then giving your baby a kiss.

Exercises you can do with your baby at home