5 time savers for working mums

Claw back as much precious time as you can using these handy tips

5 ways working mums can steal back some precious time

Nothing is more precious than your free time when you’re a working mum, so try these tips to steal back every valuable second

Mum bonding with baby

Balancing the time you spend at work and the time you spend with your family when you return to work is not easy to achieve. There are some essential hacks that’ll help you claw back some special time to spend with your little one.

1. Food organisation

This is a good one as planning all meals and ingredients for the week is a good way to cut down on supermarket visits and cooking time during the busy week days. Cooking in bulk and freezing meals is also a great way to save that precious weekday evening time.

2. Shop online

Whether you did this before children or not, doing a weekly shop online saves the traipsing around the supermarket particularly if it’s wasting your precious time with your little one, you don’t want to spend that time in the shops.

3. Get chores done during your lunch hour

If you do need a little shopping or need to do some admin, where possible get these things done at lunchtime so you don’t need to stop off on the way home or try to get more done when you get home in the evening.

4. Prioritise jobs

If you have a list of big jobs to do, such as ‘clean house’ it can feel overwhelming and you know it’s going to take over your whole day. Break jobs down into manageable chunks such as today, clean kitchen floor. Tomorrow clean bathroom floor. That way you’re getting through your jobs but they are not consuming your whole day at the weekend.

5. Don’t encourage all toys out at once

As a new parent, you can find yourself spending too much of your precious time tidying up toys that seem to cover every corner of your home. Your little one doesn’t need every toy out every time they play. Pick a few for that day to play to halve your tidy up time. It also gives you the opportunity to rotate the toys your baby plays with stopping them getting bored of the same ones all the time.

5 time savers for working mums