How do I achieve a work and home life balance?

Life after a baby becoming quite simply a juggling act, but there are ways to make it work

How you can ask your boss for flexible working

Not an easy one to achieve, but with the right organisation it is possible to manage your work and home life

Mum in work suit playing with baby

Although difficult to achieve, once you have a baby and go back to work, it’s important to try and find that work home life balance. 

When thinking about going back to work, look at all the options you can consider.

1. Ask your employer to consider a job share

If you have a demanding job you can suggest to your employer you come back as a job share with someone else. This can mean the job is still covered full time, but you can work part-time sharing the load with someone else. It would be a company decision whether they feel it would work.

2. Suggest a balance of office and home working

Again, the company isn’t compelled to agree, but you are entitled to request the company look into the possibility of you working some of your hours from home. This can really help you achieve the work home balance particularly if you have a long commute.

3. Flexible working 

Making a strong case to your employer can help them see the benefits of you reducing your hours on your return from maternity leave. It will be a business decision but worth thinking about different flexible working scenarios to pitch to your boss before your return. 

4. Research your childcare options

Before committing to coming back to work, really do your homework on the childcare options you have available. Finding the flexibility in an au pair or nanny who can work a longer day may help you negotiate longer working days but less days in the office when you go back to work.

How can I make sure I don’t lose out on quality time with my baby when working?

There are little ways you can ensure you have some quality time with your baby every day. It may be tough, but getting up half an hour earlier than you need to can allow you to get yourself ready before your little one wakes up allowing you a window of time to get them dressed or have a little play before you go off to work.

When you get in from work it may not be long until it’s time to get your baby ready for bed, so make the most of it. Leave the tidying till later, get on the floor and bond over playtime with your little one.

How do I achieve a work and home life balance?