Top Term-time only jobs

We take a look at the best term-time jobs around

The best job for term-time hours

Our pick of the best term-time jobs that work around school hours

Term time jobs

There a number of jobs that only require term-time hours which works well for being around when your little ones aren’t at school. We take a look at some you could consider.

1. A job in the Civil Service/NHS

If you go for a job in the Civil Service or NHS there is the ability to negotiate term time hours for certain positions.

2. Nursery keyworker

Working in a nursery is a great option and many have a variety of term-time hours available. You would need an NVQ qualification or diploma before you apply.

3. Dog walker

Great way to earn money and get fit! The average you can make is between £10-£15 per dog, per hour. You can pick your own hours and decide how many dogs you’re comfortable with. Advertise at your child’s school or nursery and perhaps offer to look after smaller pets when people go on holiday. People are often happy to pay £5a day for a pet hamster, rabbit or guinea pig to be looked after.

4. Lunchtime supervisor/dinner lady

As schools employ lunchtime supervisors and dinner ladies these are within school hours and of course are term-time only. Finding a position in a school locally will allow you the freedom to drop your little ones off in the morning and pick them up as well as be home with them in school holidays. Don’t forget to check out breakfast club and after school club supervisor roles too.

5. Children’s after school sports/activity coach

Fancy retraining as a swimming instructor or consider yourself fit enough to be a football coach. Or perhaps you play an instrument at a high level and could see yourself teaching privately. Children take all sorts of classes and clubs these days and most only run in term time.

6. Teacher/teaching assistant

Retrain as a teacher or teaching assistant. Teaching can fit around your family and now you’re a mum you’re a mum a classroom of primary schoolchildren might seem much less daunting – so you could retrain, go back to school yourself and get yourself a profession that fits around your family. 

7. University/schools  administrator

Organisation is your middle name now that you’re a mum of school child who’s after school clubs and endless forms to fill in need real organisational skills. Think about what types of skills you have that fit this environment as they need to be run like a business but have the benefit of closing for the school holidays. 

8. Lollipop person

Another guaranteed term-time job which parenthood has prepared you for already. Check out council websites and your school notice boards.

Top Term-time only jobs