How to smoothly change childcare providers

Our tips on how to change childcare providers smoothly

Handy hints to ease little ones through childcare changes

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Moving childcare provider

Babies and toddlers tend to thrive on routine so if you need to change their childcare provider it can cause upset so we have some handy tips to help the transition go as smoothly as possible.

Don’t mention it too early

Babies and toddlers don’t have a grasp of time so avoid mentioning that a change will be happening until a week or two before it’s due to happen. Talking to toddlers too early could create more anxiety than necessary.

Be sensitive 

It’s a good idea to be prepared before the change happens and acknowledge that your little one might be unnerved about the change. Be sensitive and talk about moving reassuringly as they adapt to the idea of change.

Get the heads up from your current childcarer

Ask your child’s current carer to share some tips with you on what they have found comforts your child so you can share this with the new carer. An idea of their current routine can help you pass on what tends to work at childcare for your little one so your new childcare provider can try the same routine to lessen any anxiety your little one has.

Read books

To help toddlers with the change, take a trip to your local library and spend some time reading books that talk about making changes, it can be a helpful way for little ones to relate to new experiences and help them realise change doesn’t necessarily need to be a bad thing.

Create memories

To help your little one remember, create a memory book of their previous childcare so they can look at it when they want to. Simple things such a photo of the teacher, perhaps the garden they played in, some of their friends and perhaps add some art work they’ve created.

Ask for a reminder

It may feel a little cheeky but you could talk to the teacher and find out if there’s a little toy or picture of something they could give your little one that will remind them of their time which they can take with them to their new childcare.

Make the last day a positive one

Create a positive vibe on their last day, send them in with their favourite snack, take some music, or wear a favourite outfit - anything that will make that day fun and special.

Visit the new childcare 

Don’t wait until they’re due to start at the new childcare to take them. Try and fit in a few visits in the weeks leading up to the move so it’s already familiar by the time they have to go.

Make time to stay at first

In the first week at the new childcare, it can really help if you can stay for an hour or two on the first day and less in the coming days until they are settled and you can return to just dropping them off.

How to smoothly change childcare providers