Work and pregnancy: The dos and don’ts

Now you’re pregnant, there are some dos and don’ts to consider to keep you safe and happy at work

5 dos and don’ts for working mums to be

There are some things worth trying to make life at work during pregnancy that bit easier

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If you’re having a healthy, normal pregnancy you can keep on working as long as you feel comfortable. And if you want to keep coasting along just fine, make sure you avoid these five pregnancy clangers:

Don’t take risks at work - hazards come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, so look at your job through fresh eyes. Does it include heavy lifting or carrying, standing or sitting for long periods without adequate breaks, exposure to toxic substances, long working hours, too much travelling, high stress levels or extremes of temperature? 

Do: Ask your employer to do a risk assessment – for full information, check out the Health & Safety Executive website.

Don’t let stress wear you down - a bit of stress is perfectly normal in pregnancy, and it won’t harm your baby. But extreme emotions can affect your baby’s development, and it’s no fun for you either. If you’re doing a regular sort of job – more office-based than lion taming – it’s unlikely work stress will affect your baby, but why take the risk? 

Do: Take a walk or just get some fresh air if you’re feeling the stress at work.

Don’t suffer a lousy commute – for some mums-to-be it’s the hardest part of the day. 

Do: Take action. From changing your hours to finding pit stops, there’s a lot you can do to make your commute miles easier.

Don’t work longer than you want to – it’s grim working and commuting when all you want to do is lie horizontal and gaze at pregnancy magazines. 

Do: Explore your options - you can start your maternity leave as early as 11 weeks before you’re due, which is great if you’re feeling ready for a rest.

Don’t miss deadlines for your maternity rights – timing is everything when you’re applying for your maternity pay and leave. Miss a deadline and you canmiss out! 

Do: Check out the helpful calculators on the government website

Work and pregnancy: The dos and don’ts