Baby talk: Find yourself talking about your baby a lot?

It's the most natural thing in the world to share stories about your baby with colleagues, but good to cover other topics too

Does your baby monopolize your conversation?

Your baby is naturally the focus of your world, but do you find you solely talk about your baby even with work colleagues? We've all done it!

Mums chatting at work

Going back to work and leaving your little one behind for the day is a wrench for any mum. It’s natural to go into the office and want to talk about your baby, but it's also a good idea to take the time away to focus on your other role as you, not just your role as a mum.

Here’s some things to think about, to help you balance the amount you talk about your baby to your colleagues.

1. Choose one special photo

It’s nice to have a photo of your little one on your desk, but try and keep it to one special photo to make you smile every time you glance at it, after all, you’ll want to save the best photos for your home.

2. Save the detail for those closest

Colleagues are bound to show interest in your little one and ask you questions about how they’re getting on. It's great to have a chat about your little one, but this is your time away and you'll have loads of conversations with your partner or your bestie so enjoy a little time away if you can.

3. Make the most of non-baby related chats

Make the most of a few hours in the day where you can be you and not mum, so enjoy the conversations that are not related to babies.

4. Keep the sleepless night stories to a minimum

Coping with a day’s work after a night of little or very broken sleep is so hard, and it’s natural to want to share how hard it is with colleagues, give a quick mention and get it off your chest, but don’t dwell on it, grab a cup of coffee to help you plough on through until you can go home and get tucked up in bed.

Baby talk: Find yourself talking about your baby a lot?