6 Genius parenting hacks you must know

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Parenting hacks you need to know

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You know it’s a good hack when you think ‘why didn’t I think of that?’ We’ve put together some of the most genius parenting hacks everyone needs to know.

1. The beach nappy hack
When you’re on the beach and you all want to have a dip in the sea, where do you put all your valuables?
Simple, wrap them all in a nappy and stick it closed and it will look like a used nappy wrapped up, who would pick that up?

2. The ice lolly hack
If there’s one thing that’s guaranteed it’s that little ones eating ice lollies make a mess. Sticky drips all over them and usually all over the floor too.This handy hack solves this, simply put a cupcake case on the lolly stick to catch all the drips. Brilliant.

If like many parents you need to store your buggy in the house when it’s not being used, it can be incredibly frustrating to have muck left on your floor from the dirty tyres. So buy some cheap shower caps and put them over the tyres when you bring the buggy into the house.

When you get the little ones out of the car in a car park, it’s nerve wracking ensuring they don’t wander into the path of another car as you get everything you need in and out of the car. So start a rule that every time they get out the car everyone has to place one hand in the circle of the petrol cap on the car until you’re ready to move. 

This is brilliant. A baby needing guidance to practice their walking can put quite a strain on your back as you bend over to hold their little hands for support. Get your baby to hold with both hands to the bottom of a hula hoop while you comfortably hold the top of it so baby has the support to walk and you don’t need to crouch to support them. A genius hack particularly for taller parents.


6. The talc sand hack
Getting stubborn sand off your little ones when you’re trying to leave the beach is an endless task that you will never fully achieve – without some baby talc. Simply throw baby talc all over your little one and it absorbs the moisture on their skin and allows the sand to just fall away.

6 Genius parenting hacks you must know