Part-time working mums: Any of these sound familiar?

Juggling work and home is one of the challenges mums face every day, if you work part-time you may recognise some of these

Ten tough things only a part-time working mum will know

For all those mums who work part-time, do any of these sound familiar?

Mum trying to work at home with kids

Before kids, the thought of working part-time would have sounded like a breeze. Yet, with little ones in tow, working part-time and balancing it with being a mum is no easy ride. For all those part-time working mums out there, we know how you feel. 

Any of these sound familiar?

1. Tiredness is a permanent feature

Combining work and home can be harder than any full time job you ever had. Your day probably begins somewhere before 6am and you will still find yourself rushing out the door to get to work on time after a packed morning filled with feeding the baby, changing your work clothes due to baby sick. The end of your working day is probably similar with bath time and bedtime for your little one, then grabbing yourself something to eat before collapsing on the sofa to watch EastEnders only to find you sleep through it.

2. You're still the default parent

Even though it is you and your partner both working, you are still the one who gets called when baby has the sniffles, or you left their favourite teddy at home. 

3. The guilt remains

Working some of the week and spending the rest with your baby should alleviate the mummy guilt shouldn’t it? Nope. When you’re at work you feel guilty you are not spending the time with your baby and when you’re at home, you feel guilty about that job you didn’t finish.

4. One always needs you when the other needs you

It’s guaranteed that on your work day your little one will feel under the weather and only want mummy. And yet your day at home with your baby will be the day that an important meeting you just can’t miss will be scheduled. 

5. The daily commute is your best friend 

Pre-baby it used to be the worst part of your week - that commute to work. Now you’re a part-time working mum, it is the few minutes of you time you get to gather your thoughts without having to worry about anyone else’s needs first.

6. Get more work done in less time

Visions of coming back to work part-time with certain responsibilities now being someone else’s concern are a myth. You find yourself doing the same amount of work you did full time but in part-time hours, oh, and a part-time salary…brilliant.

7. You never feel 100% on top of anything

Because your life is split between home and work responsibilities, it’s easy to feel you are spreading yourself very thin and not completing any task in the thorough way you once did. But hey, we learn to puck our battles as they say!

8. Getting dressed for work is how you used to feel getting glammed up for a night out

Being able to pick a smart outfit and do your make up for work used to be the norm but now as a part-time working mum it’s such a way from your at home mum outfits you feel glammed up getting ready for work.

9. Using your brain is a great feeling

Your time with your little one is precious, but actually going to work and using your brain in the way you did before you had a baby and spent so much time watching Peppa Pig is refreshing.

10. Your salary covers childcare, but that’s it

Most part-time working parents have to pay for childcare and it can feel at the end of the month, after all that juggling, your entire take home salary is swallowed by with childcare costs.

But then you step back and realise this is all short term and this intense juggling act is not forever and will ease as your little ones grow.

Part-time working mums: Any of these sound familiar?