Tips to transition back to work after maternity leave

Here’s what you need to know to get yourself ready for going back to work after having a baby

Countdown tips to returning to work

Make sure you’re fully prepared for your return to work after maternity leave

Back to work countdown

If you know going back to work is a definite, it may not hurt to ease yourself in with some pre-return planning tips to make that transition a little easier.

1. Organise childcare early

Don’t leave this until a few weeks before, chances are you won’t get a space if you leave it too late. If you start researching early, you can really look into what is the best childcare for you and your little one. Having time on your side can also help you fit in some taster days to ensure you and your child are happy with your chosen childcare.

2. Speak to your employer weeks before you go back

Catching up with your boss early can help you get clear on what might have changed while you’ve been off, what priorities you will face and generally help you ease back into working again. It might also be worth looking into KIT (Keeping In Touch) days to re-familiarise yourself with what’s been going on  at work whilst you’ve been away.

3. Shop 

The reality is you’re bound to need some new work clothes, after all you had a growing bump last time you were at work. Your old pre-baby work clothes also may not fit quite as well as they once did. You want to be confident going back so get out and get to the shops for some new essentials and if you’re on a tight budget check out your local charity shops and ask friends if they’ve got things they no longer wear.

4. Get appointments out the way before you go back

Get general appointments done such as booking for a hair-cut and colour, and if you’re due a dental or eye check-up or even a smear test, get them sorted before your return date as you won’t want the hassle of taking time off for those things.

5. Agree on chores

Discuss how you can fairly split the household chores with your partner in advance so you both are clear on what you each need to do. Have a trial run too before you start back at work.

6. Get online shopping

It will help your first week run smoother if you have had a full shop delivered the day before you go back so you don’t need to think about having to pop to the shops on top of everything else. If you can squeeze in some times to get some meals cooked and freeze them before you start back, can also help work night evenings feel a little calmer.

Tips to transition back to work after maternity leave