No Kidding! Top tips for easy new mum stress triggers

The tips you need to relieve new mum stress

Mum stress triggers

Here are the top stress triggers facing mums

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There’s no doubt that being a new mum can take its toll and side from all the love and adoration you have for your baby, there is an element of stress that comes with motherhood. So we take a look at some of the top stress triggers for mums.

Looking after poorly little ones
There’s no doubt that a poorly little one can stress mum out, if it’s a high temperature that you just can’t seem to get down or a child who is being sick, it’s incredibly stressful for all as the worry means you are probably unlikely to be able to relax or sleep well.

Getting them into bed
Affectionately known as the ‘arsenic hour’ the stress of settling your baby when you’re ready for bed yet your little one seems ready to start the day all over again.

Getting them to try new foods
The weaning stage. Spending hours making a whole host of new foods for your little one to try only to watch them spit them out or throw it all over the kitchen, enough to try the patience of a saint!

Getting ready in the mornings – especially when it’s time to do battle with shoes!
There’s nothing like those mornings where for once you have to be out the house at a particular time but your little one decides they just don’t want to get dressed today and fights every inch of the way as you try to get them ready, and of course this is followed by the insistence they are capable of putting on their own shoes….20 minutes later, and they’re still trying and still won’t accept your help.

Doing the weekly supermarket shop
Are you even a parent if you have not experienced your child having a floor throwing shop as you try and quickly get around the supermarket to pick up some essentials. The stress of feeling other shoppers eyes on you as you try to calm them down is one of the biggest new parents face.

Bath time
As much as many little ones enjoy the splashing around once in the bath the ordeal of undressing them and first putting them in the bath can be highly stressful with moans as they feel the cold of being naked and stiffening their limbs to make it as difficult to get them in their bath seat. And then, don’t even get us started on the drama of getting them out the bath when bath-time Is over.

Shopping for new clothes/shoes – you and them!
Little ones can really play up when you’re out shopping and may flatly refuse to even try on a shoe by scrunching their toes up in utter defiance. And if you dare to look for items of clothing for yourself, you may find your little one decides to play of game of how many clothes can I pull off a hanger? You ‘re bound to leave the shop empty handed.

In all seriousness, stress is serious and whilst there are all standard and predictable parent stresses, bigger worries can affect you and your baby.

Ways to control your stress levels

Getting to the source of the stress is the best way to start to solve it.  It may be an obvious one such as money worries or family issues. It could however be deeper rooted and need a bit of digging. Identifying the source of the stress can help you learn what to look out for, and try to avoid the triggers.

Take care of yourself as well as your baby. Make sure you eat well, get as much sleep as possible (nap when baby naps, as often as you can), drink plenty of water, and exercise little and often.

Ask for help if you need it. Lean on someone you trust for support if you’re struggling with your stress levels or speak to a health professional to help you manage your load in a healthy way.

How to spot your baby is stressed

Babies can get stressed too - all babies cry but here are some things to look out for that tell you your baby is stressed:

  • Spreading their fingers wide
  • Not making eye contact
  • Sneezes and yawns often

To help calm a stressed baby, try:

  • Gently placing your hand on their head or feet.
  • Put their hands together.
  • Encourage your little one to suck on their thumb or finger or a dummy if they use one.

No Kidding! Top tips for easy new mum stress triggers