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2015 Girls Names - Top Trends

What's looking hot for girls names in 2015?

Looking for girls name inspiration?

We know you love to hear about the hottest baby names and equally we love to please! So we've ploughed through the stats and come up with the top trends in girls names for 2015.

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Baby name trends change so fast year on year or even month on month, so whether you want something popular or you want a fresh sounding name, we're here to help! We've taken a look at the girls names on the rise as well as those falling out of favour so far for 2015. 

Highest climbers in the top 100...

The most popular climbers...these girls names are racing up the top 100! 

It looks like the 'old lady cool' trend is here to stay with names like Eleanor, Martha and Ivy.



+ Places


















































Ones to watch...

These girls names are heading for the top but still sit outside the top 100 making them good picks for your princess...

April is shooting up the ranks, gaining 77 places, perhaps the name was a top choice for little ladies born in or around the month of the same name. 

Emelia is also looking good... In its more common spelling form, Amelia has been sitting at the top for a while, so maybe parents are looking towards this alternative spelling...



+ Places



















































Names falling from grace...

It looks like those feminine names ending in 'y' or 'ie' could be on their way down, especially Mollie / Molly which has dropped for both of its spelling forms...



- Places



















































2015 Girls Names - Top Trends