Boys’ names set to disappear in 2018

Looking for a name that won’t be common in the playground but not too out there? Here’s our pick of names facing extinction in 2018

Boys’ names to save from extinction in 2018

Our pick of the names for boys that are falling from favour but could be worth reviving

Boys names set to disappear

We look at the boys’ names set to disappear altogether in 2018 and ask could it be time for a revival?

Back in the day ‘Home Alone’ child star Macauley Culkin inspired lots of parents to choose the name Macauley for their little boys, but as the little star grew up the name has dropped in favour and is set to become extinct this year.

Given the traditional ‘old man’ names popular with parents today, it’s worth noting Arnold is also in need of revival. Carl, Leroy and Guy are also set to disappear if not rejuvinated soon.

Once considered unusual, even trendy ‘o’ sounding names are set for extinction this year. So how about standing out from the crown by saving Soren or Jago from fading away.

Here’s our top picks of names you might want to consider as your little one is highly unlikely to share it with any of their classmates.

  1. Jago
  2. Macauley
  3. Leroy
  4. Guy
  5. Fabio
  6. Soren
  7. Arnold
  8. Carl
  9. Ivor
  10. Marcos

Boys’ names set to disappear in 2018